Touch 2 – Now on Kickstarter

Touch #2 Kickstarter

The wait is over! Finally, Touch 2 is in print and you can be part of it, right from the start!

Pre-order Touch 2 on Kickstarter and receive great rewards, such as your name on the cover of the community edition or original Artwork by HOK, Ruben Gonzalez/Veronica Gontz and Ester Salguero.

"In Touch #2 we’ve improved almost everything compared to Touch #1. The story, the drawings, our knowledge about the full-HD technology and the space we use. In number 1 we had a case opened and closed. Now we take two issues for one case. This new story starts in Touch #2, but will be closed in the third issue of the series. This gives us a little more room to show more about Jona, the downside of her powers and the other recurring staff.

Story and pencils are from HOK as well as the former Marvel and DC artists Veronica Gontz and Ruben Gonzalez are inking, again.
New in number 2 is our colorist Ester Salguero, who worked for IDW and Disney before.

Order Touch #2 now on Kickstarter and get great rewards, like your name on the cover of the community edition or original artwork from HOK, Ruben Gonzalez/Veronica Gontz, and Ester Salguero.

On top, we have attractive packages for new readers that include the old and the new book.

The Kickstarter campaign runs until 17th October 2017. Attention: rewards are only available in limited quantities, so it pays to get in there fast!

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