Press release – Touch #2 – Now on Kickstarter

The wait is over! Finally, Touch 2 is in print - and the accompanying Kickstarter campaign opens up unique opportunities for comic and thriller fans!!

"In Touch #2 we’ve improved almost everything compared to Touch #1. The story, the drawings, our knowledge about the full-HD technology and the space we use," states series creator HOK. He's hinting at the new case of Jona Maza, the police officer who can see other people’s emotions.

This new story starts in Touch #2, but will be closed in the third issue of the series. “This gives us a little more room to show more about Jona, the downside of her powers and the other recurring staff. That’ll be cool!” says HOK.

There are, for sure, many options for his readers, looking at the big catalog of exclusive rewards for readers who pre-order the new issue. Your own name on the cover - as HOK emphasizes: “... as part of the artwork, not in a thank-you section!” - is the smallest, but probably most exciting goody you can get with your pre-order. Starting at €5, you’re in, and the publishing date of the book (beginning of December) states clearly: "I'm a great Christmas present for comic and thriller fans!"

There's also stuff for fatter purses, from getting your own profile pic in comic style, to original artwork from the involved Disney/Marvel/DC /IDW artists.

The Kickstarter campaign runs until 17th October 2017. Attention: rewards are only available in limited quantities, so it pays to get in there fast!

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