Press release – The new HOK-Online-Comic-Viewer is here

With the HOK-Online-Comic-Viewer 2.0, HOK-Comics presents a technically mature solution of a trailblazing idea!

The HOK-Online-Comic-Viewer 2.0 is still a website, so nothing has to be installed. It now runs with even more browsers and reacts significantly better to touch control (as on mobile devices).

Probably the most important new feature for subscribers of the One-Panel-Per-Day subscription is the opportunity to get individual e-mail notifications as soon as the latest image of a new scene or issue is available.

Also, a new AutoPlay feature is available, making single images pass by the reader in full screen, and the speech bubbles appear one by one (optionally in English or German).

But the viewer isn’t the only innovation. "We did a general overhaul of the complete homepage and everything that comes along," says self-publisher HOK.
"The website, and also the shop, are now completely optimized for mobile devices."

And this shop is also the place for everybody who prefers reading HOK’s comic series, Touch, on paper.
"We use PayPal for reputable payment processing, so we don't need access to any of the reader’s credit card or bank account data. That’ll generate a lot of trust," HOK explains the concept behind the website.

And if you think that’s not trustworthy enough, the shop provides the necessary links to buy backlist issues on Amazon or Comixology.

Contact: HOK (Heinz Olaf Klöppel),

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