Kickstarter for Touch 3 has begun

Touch, the sexy crime thriller comic about Jona Maza, the cop who can see your emotions, launches Round Three!

While releasing the digital version panel-by-panel, I started to think about getting the third Touch book printed for release on 22nd June 2018 (the day after the last panel’s released). Therefore, I’ve started a Kickstarter campaign to give you the opportunity to grab unique rewards while pre-ordering your copy TODAY.

I know some of you found the cliffhanger ending in Touch 2 a little tense. Even my Physiotherapist admitted she gave me some extra pain, because she, “… hates cliffhanger endings like in Touch 2.” Spoiler alert for Touch 3: This time, I'll reveal the bad guy. 😉

Besides finishing up the story from Touch 2, you can expect to learn even more about Jona's powers and private life. Plus, the storyline about Patrick will play a bigger part in the new issue.

But not only will the book serve up some surprises - the Kickstarter campaign itself has got a few!

Again, you’ll have the opportunity to see your name as part of the cover artwork. Also, the traditional, limited and numbered b/w art print is on offer again.

But this time you'll also have the chance to get some strictly limited alternative covers created by big names from German independent comic scene.

Michael Feldmann, the creator of “Hades Syndrom" and “Die Uscita Verschwörung” is known in Germany for his revealing drawings of his main female characters. And Tomppa, the creator of “Der Engel” and “The Counselor” is known internationally for winning the Talenthouse Create A Superhero Award, hosted by Stan Lee and Todd McFarlane.

Both have created an alternative cover for Touch 3, and only 29 of each of these variants are available for sale.

But even if you aren’t into variant covers, it's worth pledging to the Kickstarter NOW, as I’m offering a very few, very juicy Early Bird discounts (up to 50% on normal price).

Kickstarter campaign: Kickstarter

So, I hope to see you on my backers list, today!