How much does a digital comic weigh?

How much written/scribbled/printed paper was created in what I call a 'fully digitally produced' comic?

Even with 'fully digital' drawing there's a lot involved that's not made of bits and bytes. With HOK's Stories #1, that were (apart from a clay model that was not counted when weighing) mainly hand-written story and dialogue notes, conceptual scribbles and of course prints, prints, prints. Because on paper I see a lot things that I overlooked on the screen (and vice versa).

So what do you think? How much paper is in HOK's Stories #1?

HOK's Stories #1 Paperwork
HOK's Stories #1 Paperwork

It's almost exactly 2.2 kg. I'm probably still a good way off the paperless office.

Your HOK 🙂