Here they are – Veronica Gontz & Ruben Gonzalez

Hello Comic fans!

As written in Inker wanted, HOK's next Super-Inker and HOK's next Super-Inker - Part 2, I was looking for the right inker for my new project.

If you've seen the examples in the earlier posts, you'll surely understand why the decision wasn't easy for me.

Who do I entrust with my baby? Who can enhance my drawings without changing them too much? Who can read my mind? Who provides the right look? And last but not least: Who is professional enough to go the whole way?

Many great artists faced my challenge, and it was a close decision, but finally I found the right inkers for my new project, and I am glad to announce, that Ruben Gonzalez and his wife Veronica Gontz will be supporting me.
(Obviously one inker wasn't enough to fulfill my humble requirements. 😉 )

Ruben and Veronica live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Both are a thoroughbred artists who already worked for comic publishers like Marvel (Ant-Man Season One, Scarlet Spider), DC (Batgirl, Ame-Comi Girls), IDW (Dr. Who) and UK Magazine (Transformers).

I'm very happy to have them on board!


Ruben Gonzales
Ruben Gonzales & Veronica Gontz

Test pages of Ruben and Veronica

Ruben Test 1
Ruben & Veronica - Test Page 1
Ruben Test 2
Ruben & Veronica - Test Page 2
Ruben Test 3
Ruben & Veronica - Test Page 3