Colorist wanted

Hello Comic fans!

Now that I found my inker, I have to look for somebody who can breathe some color into my comic.

For me, this is considerably more difficult than the search for the right inker. I have a hefty dose of knowledge about inking because, amongst other things, I've done quite a bit of inking myself.
It's a different picture when it comes to color. I have limited experience with it and would call myself, at best, a "beginner" in this field. I know what look and mood I want to achieve, but I don't know enough yet to tell someone how to get these.

As it worked well with the inkers, I'm sticking with my procedure with test pages. Of course, the working base won't be my pencils, but Ruben's inks.

Ruben Test 1
Ruben Gonzales - Test Page 1
Ruben Test 2
Ruben Gonzales - Test Page 2
Ruben Test 3
Ruben Gonzales - Test Page 3

What do you think about my experiment?